Bengal comprises of the West Bengal and the entire country of Bangladesh to be more precise the origin of the Bengali community. A beauty of the Bengali culture is their diversity in almost every practice they take up, be it food, dress, sports, music and more. If the dress is considered then the most preferred dress that the Bengali community loves is saree. There is hardly any Bengali woman who didn't wear a saree in her life. All type of sarees are popular in the Bengali community, but they also have their own saree which describes the origin from here. In this blog, we would love to discuss the top 5 sarees whose origin is from Bengal.

Tussur Sarees

Tussur is a popular saree which gets its value for the natural gold colour, rich texture. These handloom sarees produced from the silkworms staying deep inside the forest. Apart from it is also produced in China, Sri Lanka, and Japan, but India is the largest producer of Tussur silk in the world. It is the most textured cloth among all silk groups and is the perfect attire for people staying in the warmer parts of India. This saree is not very much durable as the silk has short . One should avoid stains and the saree should be ironed once every three months in order to keep the freshness intact.

Baluchari Sarees

This saree's origin is from Bangladesh but the main producer is Murshidabad and Bishnupur. The main attraction of Baluchari are the designs on the anchal where the mythological stories of the Mahabharat and the Ramayana are depicted. The manufacturing process is a bit laborious because one single saree approximately takes about a week to complete. It is available in a variety of attractive colours and designs. Now a days, a lot of eco-friendly ingredients are used on these sarees like flower dye, turmeric leaves, neem, etc.Dhakai sarees due to the perfect blending of sobriety along with beauty.

Tant Sarees

This is an affordable saree type from Bengal which can be used as a regular wear for all types of casual occasions. The speciality of these sarees are thick borders along with colourful motifs of a lot of designs like a flower, elephants, leaves, etc. Tant is woven using cotton threads where the fabric is light and transparent. This is the perfect saree for regular wear in the summer parts of the world. A maintenance tip is that before the first wash don't forget to soak the saree in a rock salted warm water to protect the colour bleed.

Korial Sarees

Korial Sarees are an integral part of the Bengali culture because it is worn during the Durga Puja at the time of the 'Sindoor Khela' ritual on Dashami (the last day). The most popular type of Korial saree is the white saree with a deep red border. This belongs to the category of Pure silk sarees with a lot of trendy variations. These sarees almost look like Garad, another type of saree from Bengal, but there lies a huge difference between the two. Korial has a variety of design patterns on the motif that is not present in Garad.