Banarasi sarees are one of the finest sarees in the world. These sarees can be considered the authentications of the today progressive fashion world. These sarees named as they hail from the sacred city Banaras now known as Varanasi. The city has some of the top-quality collection of fabrics including silk sarees which come in uncommon and unusual designs for the ladies. This saree is famous for wedding dresses and Ralph Fitch depicted this city as one of the most outstanding and booming cotton industry. The Mughal Rajas and their luxurious culture helped in emergence of a new era of weaving gold and silver yarns into the exclusively decorated Banarasi saree.

Different Types of Banarsi Sarees

  • Pashmina Banarasi
  • Korial Banarasi
  • Pure Silk Banarasi
  • Zardousi Banarasi etc.

We see all the Indian women adorned in these sophisticated sarees regardless their interest for the Western culture. This is the fact that, these sarees are becoming best-selling item gradually and women from various culture and backgrounds have started to wear these banarasi silk sarees.  This ethnic clothing of the Indian ladies really makes them appear unique in the crowd with an air of elegance and grace around them. Banarasi sarees are not only renowned in the Indian fashion world, rather they are speedily making their way to the international fashion industries as well where every woman wants wear a saree and show their aura. We see many individual fashion designer is concentrating in making traditional and yet remarkable outfit like sarees for the women. At the time of Mughals when Banarasi silk fabrics and Banarasi sarees picked up the popularity and soon the sarees were accessible with a mix of Indian and Persian designs. In Banaras many families are dependent on these saree making business. It has become an art, which is passed ont o next period of time. The silk used in the making of Gorgeous Benarasi silk sarees is being obtained from the southern parts of the India, mainly Karnataka. Today, banarasi silk sarees are getting huge popularity and becoming every woman's hot favorite. There are many websites on the Internet selling Banarasi Sarees. Banarasi Niketan also a renowned name in this category and we provide genuine quality fabric. These sarees are high in demand among the Indian fashion enthusiastic ladies. Although they are equally popular among women from other countries too for their gorgeous look.