Originating from the city of Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, India, the exclusive Banarasi silk is a very fine and royal variant of silk. Sarees woven from this fine textured silk is known as the Banarasi saree and it is immensely popular throughout the world. In the ancient phrase, Banarasi  sarees are exclusively crafted for the aristocracy and each saree was embellished with real gold and silver threads with years of patience. The unmatched symbol of excellent artistry, Banarasi sarees are an unavoidable part of Indian wedding ceremonies, especially in the Bengali community. The fine craftsmanship, which was brought by Mughals in India, is now flourished in the glorifying designs of unique Banarasi sarees. So, we can say that this epic apparel is the combination of two different cultures and still enhancing the cultural density of our country. The artistry of this particular saree is inherited from one generation to other and it will never stop.

Different varieties of Banarasi sarees:

The popularity of this ancient silk saree has never faced any threat from the latest fashion trends; the eminent royal touch of this silk is the main reason behind that. On the wedding day, each and every Bengali woman likes to wear a perfect Banarasi saree, which will enhance the true ethnic beauty of her. You can choose your wedding sarees online, but before that you should gather some clear idea about the different variations of Banarasi sarees. Other than the variation of the texture of the silk, you can get various types of designs and decorations and these are as following:

Benarasi silk Jamdani:

You will definitely going to like this version of Banarasi saree, where you will get beautiful and ethnic motifs and the fabrics of silk will be brocaded with the cotton.

Jangla Saree:

This exclusive sarees are crafted with colorful silk threads, which imply the heaviness of festivity with the touch of nature. The wide covered and scrolling design structures are the most significant quality of Jangla sarees.

Tanchoi sarees:

The latest yet classy pick for this splashy wedding season, Tanchoi Benarasi silk sarees will definitely going to give you the dream look of yours. It takes a colorful extra weft silk yarn to create the outline. The maze like flow of Tanchoi sarees will give a kaleidoscopic feel as well. Now you can easily buy your wedding sarees online without any confusion.

Tissue Banarasi:

If you like to wear light cloths, then Tissue Benarasi will be the perfect pick for you. These Benarasi saree are made of silk and zari, the zari brocade of the Banarasi looks like golden cloths. The extreme royal structure of this saree will definitely make you unique in the crowd.

Butidar Banarasi:

Butidar sarees are very popular in this current fashion sense. It is a silken saree, which is crafted with threads of silk, silver and gold. The dark and light shades of gold and silver are creating a unique enigma, it is also known as Ganga and Jamuna also.

So, now you can easily choose your perfect match saree for your special day, check out our latest Benarasi saree now!!