Kanchipuram sarees are popularly known as Kanjivaram sarees and are said to be one of the most precious quality of pure silk fabrics all over the world. The history of this saree is related with holy person Markanda, who is accepted to be the ace weaver of the Gods. This great man had stitched tissues from lotus fibre. The actual weavers of Kanchipuram Silk are well known as Kanchis who are the successors of sage Markanda. There are other lesser known fact that the renowned majesty Krishna-Deva Raya of the Chola dynasty ruled Kanjivaram between the years 985 and 1015.

Current Market of Kanchipuram Sarees

Today Kanjivaram is the main South Indian saree took after by Arni, Opada and others. It is standout amongst the most craved sarees among all and practically every ethnic outfit lovers will clearly keep this saree among the most loved saree's list. Presently Indian women love to wear Kanchipuram saree in a wide range of events with unmatched style.

Design That Compliment Your Personality

Kanjivaram saree is a 9 yard long piece of cloth with outlined of holy temple of India patterned on it. Over some undefined time frame, Kanchipuram sarees got changed over in 6 yards with gold zari embroidery work. Those are truly very expensive designs. To make it less expensive, weavers use artificial zaris which look almost like the original zari. These sarees are accessible in an assortment of hues which is its speciality and that gives it a charming and exquisite look.

Weaving Techniques

The premium fabric silk which is retrieved from mulberry worms is used to make these sarees. This method is scientifically known as sericulture. Around 300 fine threads are used to weave these sarees. This enables the saree to stay strong. The zari work utilized is for the most part, made up of gold and silver with silver running in first and covered with gold later.

Special Features

The uniqueness of the saree belong to its premium fabric, spark, durability and elaboration which is why it is prevalently known as the queen of all sarees. The fabric utilized is the heavy Kanchipuram silk and is also a quite costly because of its royal look and weight. The weight of the saree indicates the quality of the saree. The heavier the saree the better it is.

Worldwide Acceptance

The price of the Kanchipuram sarees starts from 2000 INR and can be 1 lakh too. These are equally popular in other countries like USA, UK, Srilanka etc. Many NRIs and foreigners wear them during festivals and important occasions. That’s why Kanchipuram sarees are getting so much popularity.